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Beverages ERP

Xpert ERP provides the means to handle the complexities of the beverage industry where the challenges of regulatory compliance, quality, perishability, the demand for faster inventory turns and deliveries and safety issues mean that time-to-market is all-important. Whatever the recipe, pricing or packaging options, Xpert ERP solution offers improved procurement efficiency, transaction speeds and responsiveness to customer demand. Xpert's traceability monitors the food or beverage life cycle from initial ingredients purchases, through manufacture to finished goods, shipment and final delivery. Our inventory management applications promote the maintenance of low inventory levels and high service levels, while incorporating multiple units of measure and catch weights thereby enabling accurate product costing and pricing.
As a Beverage company, we can help you to: Comply with Food Safety Regulations Manage Product and Raw Material Traceability Monitor Entire Supply Chain Optimize Management and Planning with Improved Visibility Control Costs to Increase Profitability Complete tracking of Empty Bottle which is an asset to the company Easily manage Route Sale by salesman. Complete tracking of Load Out with Load In at SKU and MRP level Settlement of Salesman against Load Out and Load In on Daily basis Tracking of All type of discounts (VS&D, D&A and Others) at Invoice level Tracking of Market Schemes at Invoice level Complete reconciliation of Settlement with Sale Invoices.

As an ERP it has all the modules generally used by any Beverages company. One of the major pain area of any bottling plant is ,tracking of empty bottles. Xpert ERP takes care of this pain by providing simple report for management. It has special Sales and distribution module which caters both distributor sale as well as Route Sale. Distributor sale is done directly to distributer and all kinds of schemes can be applied. Schemes can be quantitative or cash. It has special pricing system also. There is provision to calculate selling price From MRP, after removing all kinds of discounts and margins given to agency, retailer and distributor. Complete tracking of all the margins given to agency retailer or distributer is there in the form of reports. In Route Sale the items are first transferred to salesman and that is then those salesman sells items to actual customers. Remaining items are submitted back to the company. The salesman does settlement by submitting amount of sold items and items which are left with him. When items are sold to customer, value and quantity of empty bottles are auto calculated .Complete tracking of empty bottles.
Some of the Reports related to Shipping and Sales Department
a) Primary Sales
b) Secondary Sales
c) Key performance Indicator
d) Penetration
e) Salesman Shortage and Excess
f) Provisional Sales (Settlement Based)
g) Mismatch of Actual and Provisional Sales
h) Combine Sales
i) Other Party Sales
j) No Sale Outlet
k) Sales and Empty Reconciliation
l) ER1, RG1 and Excise Related reports
m) DVAT Reports